You Have a Great Idea, let's Protect it.

Lomic Law's team has 20+ years of patent law experience, and we're here to help you protect your best ideas. Our patent lawyers, have filled and defended many patents across a wide variety of industry and application. We're here to assist you with all parts of the patent process: from application to defence. Below are some more specific cases about how Lomic Law's patent law team can assist you in protecting your great  idea!

How can Lomic Law's Patent Lawyers help me with my application?

Lomic Law's experienced patent attorneys have successfully filled dozens of patents, accross many disciplines. Our professional team will work with you through all parts of the process to ensure that your idea is properlly protected. We appreciate the value in people's ideas and our team is here to help. Feel free to schedule a FREE initial patent consultation.

I need to defend my patent. How can Lomic Law's Patent Team help me?

Our team has successful defended many patent infringement claims across several industries, and for many different levels of companies. Lomic Law patent attorneys are here to work with you, protect your idea, and reach a complete resolution.

Is my idea elidgible for a patent?

We are happy to work with you throughout the whole patent process. For more information about patent elidgibility and filing, please schedule a FREE initial consultation.

I want more information about patents with Lomic Law, where can I find it?

Feel free to reach out to us for more information about any of the legal services that we offer: We also offer FREE initial consultations for all of our services, so feel free to reach out!